Sex Tips – How To Use DIRTY TALK In The Bedroom To Blow Your Woman’s Mind

You are about to discover how to use dirty talk in the bedroom. This is without a doubt one of the most POWERFUL SEXUAL TECHNIQUES there is to improve the quality of the love making sessions that you share with your woman.

There is no question about it – WOMEN LOVE DIRTY TALK. In fact, they NEED it. So pay careful attention what follows…

For women, sex is a very mental thing. For guys it’s different. We men tend to treat love making as a very physical thing and the sheer excitement of being naked with a woman we are attracted to and making love to her, is enough to ‘get us off’.

However, many women are left frustrated by their man because he doesn’t know how to please her and he regularly fails to give her orgasms.

If you want to blow your woman’s mind in the bedroom and give her powerful ORGASMS that totally rock her world, you must STIMULATE HER MIND, as well as her body. And in order to stimulate her mind, you must use your voice.

And in the bedroom, that means that you must use dirty talk.

When you talk dirty, you will stand out from probably every other man your woman has ever been with. This is because the vast majority of men do not talk dirty OR if they do, they make a mess of it by insulting their woman or making her laugh (both of which are very bad outcomes).

So if you are sold on the idea of using DIRTY TALK to help give your woman orgasms so incredible that she screams your name, read the following and use these dirty talk sex tips wisely:

1. When you talk dirty to your woman in the bedroom you must be BELIEVABLE. So whatever you say, do so confidently and with authority. If you don’t she won’t take you seriously.

2. Speak deeply and clearly. When you talk dirty to your woman you must not rush what you say. If your voice is high pitched and whiny, buy a tape recorder – then record your voice and try to make it a little deeper and manlier. This is easy to do and won’t take you very long.

3. Pay attention to what you say and when you say it. Your dirty talk can get more HARDCORE the closer your woman is to having an orgasm.

So when you are cuddling up to her on the sofa and sharing a few kisses with her, your dirty talk needs to be softer. Here are a couple of things you could whisper in your woman’s ear:

“You smell so good baby”

“I love the taste of your lips”

In contrast, when you are doing her hard from behind and she is about to have an orgasm, it is time to turn on the REALLY DIRTY TALK and use it to ‘push her over the edge’ and come for you. At this time, try saying things like this:

“You’re my dirty little girl and I love to be inside you”

“You love it when I do you from behind don’t you baby”

So there you have it…

Dirty talk is ignored by most men and yet most women love it.

Use the three tips in this article to improve your dirty talking game and you will find it much easier to make your woman come. If you aren’t talking dirty you are failing to stimulate a woman’s most important sexual organ: her brain! Remember, for women – making love is a very mental thing. To make her orgasm you must ENGAGE HER MIND as well as her body.